Download the free version of our CMS HERE!

We developed our own Content Management System (CMS) in order to give our customers exactly what they require.
"Custom Coded" and "Custom Designed" should really mean something more than a website built on Wordpress that's had the default template changed about to create something that looks different.
We love Wordpress as a piece of website software, but you can't really build a "custom" website using a freely available open source software. So we actually did custom code our own CMS, all a quarter of a million lines of code (and counting).

A Content Management System gives the website owner the ability to create new pages on their website (unlimited pages) and edit existing pages aswell as create blog posts and upload images as easily as it is to send an email or a text message.
Our CMS comes loaded with a Shopping Cart System, giving you the ability to create a full ecommerce website, there are no limits imposed on product numbers or categories. Our CMS also gives you the ability to track orders and email customers via the easy to use admin panel. Customers also have the ability to log in to your website and view the status of their order and see previous orders aswell as contact you directly regarding specific purchases. These enquiries will also be saved on your websites admin panel aswell as being emailed to you directly. This means that all customer messages are easy to track and stored securely.
Using our CMS should feel intuitive, functions should feel familiar as they do on your phone or computer.
Creating new blog posts or adding new products to your website should feel no more difficult that browsing the internet or sending a text.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has already been thought about with our Content Management System. You have the ability to set keywords, meta descriptions and titles on every page, post and product. This will help google and other search engines index your website and display your site in the relevant search listings. With a click of one button, our CMS will build its own .xml sitemaps and alert google that the website is ready to be indexed. All of this means that search engines find your website easily and it will perform well in search listings, provided that the meta data has been entered correctly and your content is relevant. We will guide you through this as we teach you how to use your websites functions.

Using a Content Management System that we have written gives us the ability to properly custom code a website for you.
We can taylor functions to suit your specific needs quite easily because we built the website software.
In this sense, we can offer a properly "Custom Coded Website".

CMS written in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and using MySQL.

Download the free version of our CMS HERE!