CodeIgniter CMS

2018-12-24 12:04:31

CodeIgniter CMS.

Here is our Content Management System written using the CodeIgniter framework.

Open Source, free to download and use.

Our CodeIgniter CMS gives you pages, posts, comments, image upload system, contact form, messages, SEO optimised, XML sitemaps and a whole front end, search, recent posts, categories and mainpage image slider displaying the latest three posts and more!

The admin panel of our CodeIgniter CMS has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use, without long lists of menus and hard to find functions. Our Content Management System is simple to navigate with clear and easy to find functions, making running a site with our CodeIgniter CMS a breeze!

Download your copy for free, now!
Download here!

To see how A CodeIgniter CMS was put together, look through our CodeIgniter playlist on YouTube and watch it being built.

Watch the video below to have a quick look around A CodeIgniter CMS.