OSI Approved License

2019-09-28 14:10:10

A CodeIgniter CMS, Free and Open Source!
Fully responsive design, simple to install and setup.
Customising the look and design is easy.

OSI Approved License

A CodeIgniter CMS is licenced under a GNU General Public License

Free and Open Source!
Download our White Label, Free and Open Source content management system.
Easy to install and set up.
A CodeIgniter CMS is a content management system written in PHP. It gives you, the website owner the ability to create pages, posts and products as easily as it is to write an email. Image upload functions, a contact form built in that forwards messages to you via email and you can even email a reply from A CodeIgniter CMS admin panel!
A CodeIgniter CMS Free and Open Source.
Make building websites easy with A CodeIgniter CMS

OSI Approved License.
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