what is wordpress

2017-11-02 22:53:30

Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS), server side software that allows you to create a website, edit and control the content of that website.
You need no coding knowledge to use Wordpress. The software is quite easy to use and the admin panel is easy to navigate.
If you do have coding knowledge, Wordpress allows you to build quite complex sites quite quickly.
As Wordpress is open source, it has a lot of contributers and has lots of plugins available.
Plugins are useful to add extra features, from contact forms to newsletter functions up to forums and ecommerce plugins.
Wordpress comes with thousands of themes available but quite often it is preferable for customers to have a theme created for them.

Why would you use Wordpress?
If you are looking to have a website built, using software like Wordpress allows you to create a complex website without having to pay for code development. Wordpress will most likely have plugins that can be installed quickly.
This means that the time spent setting up your site and configuring it to suit your specific needs is shorter. This means that you can build a complicated site on a smaller budget.

The drawbacks running a website using Wordpress.
Being open source security can be an issue unless your site is properly updated and maintained.
Keeping your site updated to the current versions of Wordpress would mean either employing a Web Developer to look after your website for you or you can update your Wordpress from your sites admin panel. Wordpress needs updated often so it is not an option if you never intend on logging into your websites admin panel.

We have experience of Wordpress powered website that goes back nearly a decade.
I personally have lost count of exactly how many Wordpress themes I have written, it is a decent bit of software and we would recommend its use.