what is zen cart

2017-11-02 22:21:47

Zen Cart is a shopping cart system that allows website owners to run full ecommerce websites.
The benefit of using Zen Cart would similar to using Wordpress, it allows you to create a full ecommerce site on a small budget.
The software its self is open source, free to use but you may require the use of a web developer if you have no experience in using this type of software.
There are thousands of templates available for Zen Cart but most store owners prefer to have a template designed for them.

Running an ecommerce store using Zen Cart is quite straightforward. It has all the functions that you would require on an ecommerce website and is not difficult to learn how to use.

As a developer, Zen Cart is quite good to work with, you can quite easily create unique websites that function well, both from a store owners point of view and from a customer experience.